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    Super Slow Render Playback Issues With Photos




      Im trying to finish up a project for a school. Im using Premiere CS3. A local school gave me a ton of photos from each teacher to create a montage with. Around 125 images per teacher. So I add in some background music, some nice background videos and then I have the images transition on to the screen to make it look interesting... Nothing too crazy... Just some movement, color change on the images...


      I setup my in/out points and hit enter to render a playback for a 20sec clip... the thing took about 15minutes before it was finished rendering and able to play.


      Here are my system's Specs:


      Nvidia Quadro FX 1500 Graphics card

      I have a RAID with 1.5TB Storage Space... Lots of room

      Intel Xeon 3.73Ghz (Shows up as 8 processors)

      4GB RAM


      Anyone know how i can resolve this issue? Thanks in advance

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Resize your stills to framesize (720-576/480) or when panning and/or zooming make them twice the size.

          This will cut back the rendertime.

          Resizing can be done in Photoshop or when no panning and/or zooming is use you can set 'default scale to framesize' in you preferences.

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            Oblue Level 1

            Unfortunately, There are just way too many pictures to do this for. If this was a project with only 20-50 images that wouldnt be a problem. However, this is a project with roughly 1500 images. Some of these images I will need to be able to zoom into without losing much picture quality. By resizing the image to a "smaller" size the quality will be lost and shown when i zoom in close.

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              Oblue Level 1

              Well, I did take your advice. I had to do something before I ran out of time for my deadline... I still have a very long way to go. I setup a batch in photoshop to adjust the size of all the pictures. Then I reviewed all the photos and tried to pick out the ones I really need to zoom into without losing quality... I replaced those photos with the original copy to maintain their large size format. Since the timeline(s) were already setup with the photos and keys... I now have to go thru each picture and adjust the key. Granted this will take me several hours. Its still better than waiting a few days to render 1 video =) So once I finish with the adjustments I'll be able to render all the videos in mintues instead of Hours/Days... The longest renders will be from the large format pictures which I need to zoom into...


              Its unfortunate that Premiere is unable to handle large format images better than how it currently does on CS3. Im just wondering if CS4 is any better with issues like this. I have another editing applicaiton that easily handles large format files... It just doesn't have all the tools I like using in Premiere.


              Well, TY so much for the help...

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                Fred Mann Level 1

                Considering 3 seconds for a still picture, and 6 for a 'zoomed' one, 1500 pictures will run about an hour.  This is reasonable if the DVD is authored so each teacher can be selected individually.  If not, you need to cull !!!!!  The background music for 300 slides is usually snoring.