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    problem with an exporting css and images option


      I've been searching for an answer to this little annoyance for days maybe someone can help me out?



      over at the adobe tv section Jim Babbage states around the 12:00 mark that you can export ALL when using the exporting css and images option just like when using the exporting html and images option.you can see it here:



      My problem is the check box for "current page only" is grayed out that therefore always check so i am unable to export all pages at once in the "css and images option"


      I've tried adjusting my preferences and searching the forum and have come up empty. does anyone know how to access this option?


      this only occurs in the css and images exporting option not in the other exporting options they all allow all pages to export at the same time.

      this is a minor annoyance i know but i'd really like my programs to perform as they are suppose to (asking too much i know, i know, but one can always hope!)


      thanks in advance!


      attached is a side by side comparison (mine & adobe)