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    Twitter tag


      Is there an "official" Twitter channel / tag for reporting experiences with Flash Builder 4 that the Adobe team members would listen to?





      Edit: #fb4 seems to be "unused" and conveniently short. What do you guys think?

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          Vera Carr Level 2

          Hi Borek,


          I think we'd be reluctant to follow an additional site. It's easier if we can consolidate the feedback in one area. Please use these forums for your feedback and file bugs or enhancements requests in the bug base.




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            BorekB Level 1

            Sure, I have already filed a bug on bugs.adobe.com and will use this forums if I need to discuss anything but some people like to use Twitter as a more spontaneous channel (I don't always have time to properly report a bug). I was just interested if anyone on the team watches some specific tag(s). If not, that's fine.