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    Can't install Adobe Photoshop elements 4 anymore. Why?




      I tried to open a post with the support team, but they said that the support for my product was no longer available.

      I'll copy the post I posted to the support:


      After not using Adobe photoshop elements 4 for a year, i decided to install it again on my new harddrive as my last one crashed. When I
      try to install from the CD an error message shows up telling "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application
      vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows installage package". I've tried to install the CD on several computers after that, but I just get the same error message every single time. The CD is not damaged/scratched in any way as it has only been stored on the box it came with.
      I am using a legal version of Windows XP and I don't have pirated software that should effect the installation.
      Operating System: Windows XP Home
      Browser: Opera
      Has it ever worked? If so, what's changed? (provide comments in description field): Yes
      Same results with different file?: Not Applicable
      Same results with different computer?: Yes
      Recent System Hardware or Software change?: No


      I'm considering just downloading pirated software instead. I bet I can have less problems and better support if I download it pirated, instead of buying it (AGAIN) for a 100$. It's ridiculous if u ask me.