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    Playback in the previewer stops after about 30 seconds


      I have the program installed on a windows box with a raid 0 array. The drives are brand new seagate 1T sata drives. I thought that by doing so, I would get much better preview playback, but premiere just seems to stop polling the hard drives and the video freezes. The audio continues however.


      I have moved the cache and preview file locations to the raid drive. I don't know what else can be done. This is very frustrating. I would like to know what I have to do to get better video playback.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Unfortunately, this is by far not enough information to give you a hint. It may be your system is way underpowered for the material you are trying to edit. There could be a multitude of processes running, there may be a virus, a heavily polluted system, weird codecs, and the like.


          Have a look at this: If you need help quickly...Guideline for posting an effective question


          and start with the basics, like OS, hardware, software version, source material and codecs used.

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            mopacfan Level 1

            I should have been more detailed in my previous description. I have an Athlon 3800+ processor, GeForce 7600GT video card, 7.5gb RAM and 1.9TB raid 0 Seagate hard drives. I've attached the DxDiag file for additional reference. I have the processes down to the minimum necessary to run the pc and the video is just DV captures with Digital Juice swipes and background.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Thanks for posting the file and the additional info.


              A couple of questions if I may.


              You say you have 7.5 GB RAM. This is a rather odd figure and your DXDIAG indicates 4 GB installed.

              I sincerely hope you DO NOT HAVE 4 PARTITIONS on your MAXTOR disk, using C, D, E and F.

              What are the nVidia striped disks H and I for? Same with J and K? Are these not properly configured as a stripe or were these meant to be JBOD's?


              Your video drivers are up to date, but does the same apply to your DirectX software? Check on the Microsoft site whether you have the latest (03/09) version. While you are checking this, also check the INF file for the nVidia chipset, there may be a more current one.


              Normal DV material should normally not be a problem for previewing. Can you post a screenshot from Process Explorer?

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                mopacfan Level 1

                Whoops. I obviously fat fingered the ram description. I meant to list it as 3.5gb ram. The other .5gb is used by windows. The raid drive contains four logical partitions. The first two are used for the windows swap file and for the multimedia swap file. Another partition is for the storage of all of the digital juice files and the bulk of the space is used for all of my multimedia files including the video projects. Windows is on drive C (obviously) which is not on a raid drive.


                I'll check the DirectX in the morning. It is frustrating since with Premiere Pro 1.5, the system ran much, much better.


                Lastly, there is one more issue that may be playing a part in this equation. Every time I launch the program, it crashes after I choose the project to open. I've done a lot of searching for a solution. I've removed most of my fonts, updated the video drivers and found the shift key "fix" on Adobe's support site. So if I hold down the shift key during the launch until the welcome screen appears, the program will not crash. This is extremely frustrating in and of itself. I just can't tell what's really going on here.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  First step: Remove all partitions. Only use one partition per physical disk.


                  Second step: Check your raid setup. Is it raid0 or JBOD?


                  Third step: Post a screenshot from Process Explorer.


                  The hardware requirements increase with each version, so what worked with 1.51 may be taxed with CS4. I believe they call this 'progress'.


                  Read this article why you should NOT partition drives at all: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/427772?tstart=0

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                    Like your style bow tie daddy and thought you may be able to help where adobe techs have failed since 12/08.


                    To begin Premiers CS 4 12/08 release.


                    Problem: can not playback HD in either 720I or 1080i with out shuttering. This makes it difficult to edit in a proper work flow especially when voice sync is required. 720I is a little better but unworkable, 1080i does not even shutter just freeze frames. Can output to blue ray disk a plays perfect but hard to edit.



                    asus commando board with 1000mgh FSbus

                    3 gigs 800mgh ram ddr3

                    ATI radeon video card with 512mgs or 1gig (problem is same with either card)

                    Maxtor 7200rpm fireball drives with various cashes, hooked thru SATA, average of 50mb/s read time 15mb/s write time on 500mb test file (problem is same with either drive)

                    600 watt power supply.

                    C drive runs all programs and tmp files not allowed to D

                    D drive runs all master files and tmp files allowed to D

                    C and D are both more than half empty

                    Vista 32 OS


                    Have done all adobe updates, no improvement.

                    Have done all Microsoft updates, no improvement.



                    Can moving from a disk based drive to a solid state help?

                    Thinking of OCZ 200mb/s read.


                    Does the average data rate of each file have anything to do with this and are they cumulative along the time line?


                    SD 3.8 and plays fine

                    720 2.4 problems

                    1080 4.9 problems


                    When you play back is Premier reading and writing at the same time?


                    Is it reading the master file while writing to the tmp in roaming?