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    Mp3 streaming status

      Using AS2 and I can't find a way to display, in a dynamic text box, the status of a streaming mp3. I simply want to let the user know what is going on when they dont hear anything. When the mp3 is buffering, I just want to put "Buffering Audio..." in a text box. Then when it starts playing again, I need to remove that text. And if it needs to buffer again, I want to put that "Buffering Audio..." back in there.

      I found this, but it's for AS3. Is there any way to do this in AS2?

      var buffString:String = "Buffering Audio...";
      var playString:String = "";
      if (mySound.isBuffering) {
      mySound_info.text = buffString;
      } else {
      mySound_info.text = playString;