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    straighten tool repeatedly crashing ACR

    dan3430 Level 1

      I havn't seen this issue reported anywhere else, but I can't get it to go away.


      I am using CS4 with everything updated. I shoot using a 5dmkii and canon 40d. I never had this problem in CS3


      I'll load up some raw files (doesn't seem to be affected by how many images I load at once) and go to use the straigten tool. Sometimes I'm good for a 20+ straigtening adjustments before it crashes, but then ususally once it crashes if I load them up again it will crash within one or two uses of the straightining tool.


      reseting tool preferences in photoshop and resting preferences in bridge will help it work for awhile, but inevitbly it will crash again while using this tool.


      No other tools have any problems, and if I don't use the straighten tool my computer can load 400+ 5dmkii raw images make adjustments and crops with no trouble.


      Anybody have any thoughts?