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    Crashes - Projector (exe) and Shockwave (dcr) made with D11

    mziskandar Level 1

      I just found out that some of my projects made/published with D11 will crashes browsers (tested with Firefox and IE). To all visitors to my blog, I am VERY VERY SORRY causing the trouble. The shockwave demo are now removed. (at least I ask for user's forgiveness, warn and admit the problem)


      1. Projector (exe) stayed in memory.. but won't run
      2. Shockwave (dcr + htm) will crash the browser


      Here's one of my example - procedural images and 3D objects. Do not click the mirror link if you have unsaved work.




      Imagine the effects on courseware, information kiosk, etc.. or even portfolios..

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          mziskandar Level 1

          Anybody able to solve this? Help me please..


          Is ther any function in mx or 11 removed for latest current player?


          More screen shots here.. http://digitalspine.blogspot.com/2009/06/i-was-in-love-with-adobe-director-until.html

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            I suggest, as you say it is only some of your projects that crash, you need to test your methods (content) to see what is causing it.


            1) quick solution: if you compare one that works and one that doesn't work, you might see the difference, and that might be your problem.

            2) create a new projector, as simple as possible and test it. Keep adding content until you can repeat the problem. Keep copies of each movie, all named with numbers to keep them in order, in case it gets too complicated, you should be able to see what you have done. (Like a history in photoshop). If the problem doesn't occur again, you might have a working copy of the defunct one that you can simply replace ... and never know the answer!

            3) you could make a copy of a movie that doesn't work, and maybe you might be able to decompose it, taking out one element at a time, until it works.


            Whatever method you use, the aim is to isolate the problem, and this is best done with small files that load quickly.


            As no one has come up with a solution, I'm guessing you have one of those unique problems that only happens to you, and no one else in the whole director community!!! I have lots of those:)


            good luck


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              mziskandar Level 1

              Thanks nevereasy..


              I'm still doing that - takes some time. Removing/commenting module > Publishing > run exe > kill from task manager / restart xp due to crash/freezes and repeat the steps...