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    After updating Premiere to 4.1 - XDCAM EX error- files offline?




      I have a problem; after updating Premiere CS4 ver. 4.0.1. to version 4.1 files in projects are offline. There are some files (for example, CG animation in other formats as quick time) that are on timeline normally, but all XDcame EX footage is offline. That usually happened with external disks changing letter names, but the letter for disk is the same.


      What to do? The problem is that I have about 1.000 clips and they're all structured in subfolders, that means that each file is in its own folder due to xdcam EX file structure and it's quite impossible to link each of them manually (or it will take 2 days only clicking on every file).


      Agrhhh... once again dealing with Adobe's "improvements".


      One more thing; when trying to link file, i get "The importer reported a generic error"!?


      And I've just found out that there's no xdcam ex presets anymore in Premiere. How to get them back?