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    Frame Delay Going from Fireworks to Flash

    umbssw Level 1



      I am completely new at this and under deadline.


      I created a photoshop psd file with tweens, rendered to video, then uploaded as animation in fireworks.


      In fireworks I set the frame delays to be what I want.  I want to save as swf (don't know flash at all) and when I do the frame delays go out the windows.  I looked at older forum posts and see that this is what happens but how can I make it happen some other way?  I tried setting frame rates in the save as option window to 1 to 30 to whatever and no luck.


      My tweens in the png file at 7/100 and my main images I want to appear longer are 350/100.


      I am a novice at all this!  Thanks for whatever help you can provide.