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    Eraser tool on wacom eraser


      Hi there,


      IN SHORT: Please make the active tool change to the eraser when I use the eraser of my wacom pen.


      WHY? I love using the eraser end of the pen, it's very intuitive. However, frequently I'll be erasing something and think "heck, I need to change the size of my brush". I go to change the brush size, but - hang on, the paintbrush is still selected. I must first select the eraser tool.

      THEN of course, I have to change the tool back to the paintbrush tool. Why? Because if I don't, when the time comes to flip back round to the normal nib-end of the pen, the eraser tool will still be selected!

      If this has got to happen, then why do i need to waste my time flipping the pen round too?


      SECONDLY WHY: I cannot think of a single reason why it would be useful to keep the 'nib's current tool showing as active when it isn't going to be used until the nib (or i guess the mouse) takes control.


      It's driving me mad. It'd be such a useful feature (it works tremendously well in the Gimp) but it's just so hindered by this behaviour that it's just not worth using at the moment.