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    Screen resolution adaptability

    monkamoo Level 1

      Hi guys, I am trying to create an ecommerce application from a psd image that initially has thumbnail pictures of products that spread accross the screen in columns and rows.  From there, an end user would be able to click on the various thumbnails for an expanded view with additional product detail.  As far as I can tell, you have to define the screen resolution (or file size) when importing the psd image.  What happens to the project when a user with a larger or smaller resolution arrives at your site?  Is there a way to adapt to any screen resolution and have the thumbnails compress or expand as necessary?  Thanks in advance.      

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Creating resizable screen layouts didn't make the cut for Catalyst 1.0, but is certainly something we recognize and very important for designers and will be working on in a future version.


          For now you can design for a single screen size in Catalyst then open the fxp file in Flex Builder to make components resizable.


          - Ty