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    how can I change homepage design?

    romansandals Level 1

      Hi everybody,

      I've been working with contribute3 for a couple of years now, but I still find myself somtimes completely lost!

      Our homepage www.roman-sandals.de needs a brush up.

      So we created a completely new one with contribute3. But now we do not know how to exchange it with the old one.

      Can we just load up the new one and the old one is gone then? Or do we have to delete the old one first - how does that work?

      Please help us! It is probably quite easy but we are tired of reading all sorts of information that we can not use in the end.


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          I'm having the same problem. I created a new page in Contribute CS3 using one of it's templates. And would like to replace it with the old home page. Did you ever find a solution?


          Thank you,

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            romansandals Level 1

            Hi Alkaia,

            yes and no - we are still working on the problem!

            The server where our homepage is on has a function to upload and download pages as well.(without macromedia) So we uploaded our new homepage into a new file. But when we put it on the internet (activated the new one and deactivated the old one) many of our pictures did not show up. Some image files were lost while we loaded the stuff up. But we have not found out jet which ones.

            So our club decided to give this last bit into the hands of a specialist. But he told us that the whole thing is more complicated than we thought. So what we have to do now is to put the new Homepage together again completetly, then put it on a stick or DVD and the specialist will then put it in the internet for us.

            The easiest way - someone told me - is to delete the old one from the server. Install micromedia new on your computer and start as if there never has been a homepage before. The problem for us is that we need dates and fotos of the old one, so we never tried that way.

            Sorry that I can't help more


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              Denise M. Adjutant

              The old one will be gone if you have named the file with the exact same file name (extension included) and if you have permission to delete files.