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    Problem with uploaded videos - picture shaky / sound cuts out


      I've just purchased and installed PE7 to use with my new Panasonic HDC-SD20 camcorder that records in AVCHD format.


      I have uploaded several videos to practice with. However, I am finding that when double clicking on a video to view it, I get a shaky picture and the sound keeps cutting out. I haven't messed around with any of the settings, so I really don't know what I've done wrong. When viewing the same videos on the camcorder itself I get no such problems.


      I thought my PC would be capable - details as follows: Windows Vista, 4.00GB RAM, AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core Processor 2.20 GHz, 32-bit operating system.  I've also downloaded 'GSpot 270a' to check codecs and as far as I can tell I am not missing anything (my status is 'ready - with 161 codecs loaded').


      So, please can someone help me?!!