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    Attn: Eddie - Your marker exporter plugin

    Colin Brougham Level 6



      Just wondering if there is the ability to get your excellent marker exporter to work with CS4, or if it's even possible with the way the export modules now work in CS4. I've been racking my brain for 24 hours now trying to figure out how to get the markers I so painstakingly placed in my CS4 timeline out into an externally-usable format. I've tried exporting a Clip Notes PDF and then saving out the XFDF comments, and I've tried spitting out a MPEG-2 file, just to get the XMP sidecar file. In both, I can locate and extract the marker labels and timecodes, but the timecodes have to be manually converted (math... ewww...) and there's a lot of other extraneous/unnecessary information that I don't need. I'm better off going one-by-one through the markers and copying the timecodes and marker data to a spreadsheet. However, I've got 10+ timelines of this to do, and I don't relish that task.


      It seems like such a simple, basic functionality that Adobe just hasn't gotten around to including with PPro, so I'm hoping that your plugin can somehow fill the need. Any thoughts?





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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          The bad news is that because the export facility in CS4 has changed so much it requires a rewrite of my plug-in and the CS4 SDK has not yet been released.

          The good news is that you can send me your project file (just the .prproj file) and I will try to work some magic on it to get the marker info for you. PM me and I'll give you a mailbox to use.