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    Maximum Scenes/ Frames?




      I have created a long flash FLV. My settings are as follows 29 FPS as its displaying on a HD TV and its about 22 min long. I have 32 Scenes though each scene isnt that long, i link my longest scene is 2200 frames long. I export at maximum quality as a SWF and an EXE.


      Heres the problem. When i play it back (both the SWF and EXE do this in the same place) it just freezes after about 8min in the same place each time (playing it back in flash player 8). I deleted the scene (21) where it froze to see if that helped but is then stopped in the middle of scene 22. Is there a maximum number of scenes/frames which can be played back? the publushed file is about 55MB.


      What should i do?



      PC spec

      Intel Core Duo


      2GB RAM

      80 GB free space HD

      Flash player 8