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    Title animations


      I can write titles and stuff,but the text animations are gone,it says like this when im starting the program - * to download rest off the content go to this link* and when i enter the link,i come here and it says Error:Reported to null.

      How do i get the title animations?

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          When you originally loaded the program did you download and install the additional content? If so were the text animations orginally there and now they are not?

          If the link to the additional content is not working you may want to contact Tech Support. The details how to are in this FAQ:


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Much, concerning the Functional Content, is predicated on which version you installed: the downloaded, or the DVD version. Paul_LS has pointed you to the resources for the download versions.


            Usually, with a download version, one has two different (albeit similarly named) files. The first is for the program, and the second is for the Functional Content.


            Which version do you have?



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