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    Set Property Visible Issue

    loosepaint Level 1

      Has anyone been able to get a layer with Set Property Visible = True or False working, with onLoad?

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          njadobe2 Adobe Employee

          Hi--I was able to get this to work in a simple test case. Can you describe the problem you're seeing in a little more detail (and also what effect you're trying to achieve)?





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            loosepaint Level 1

            I have an image gallery state and each image in the gallery is a substate.  Initially my "Next/Previous Image" buttons were only in the main gallery state and not the sub-states.


            I wanted to have the "Previous Image" button be disabled on the first image and the "Next Image" button be disabled on the last image.


            I was trying to figure out how to set the property of the buttons, but since onLoad only applies to the intial load of the SWF, that wouldn't work. (It only took me an hour to realize that ).  I moved the buttons in with the sub-states and that took care of the problem.


            I was thinking that having an onLoad "State" could be really useful, but I'm also beginning to realize that it's more a matter of figuring out "how" to solve a problem with the functionality that's there, rather than adding more functionality.  In my case anyway.  FC is to some extent - deceptively simple.  It does much more than what appears on the surface.


            Great product. Very cool.