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    HD problems


      i am trying to edit a HD movie in adobe premmiere pro CS4, but it lags terribly.  i do meet the minnimum requirements


      it even lags while playing a spliced 6 second clip

      (i have edited 720p clips with no problem)



      C2Q 3.4 GHz

      8 gigs DDR2 memmory

      4870 X2 video card

      RAID 0 array HDs

      vista x64


      nothing else is eating up my processor either



      1440 x 760 encoded with H264(24 fps)


      i was using the XD CAM HD 1080p24 sequence preset, not sure if that is right


      so would incressing my processor speed help, or am i stuck?


      any help is appreciated

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          Im not use what you mean by Lags.  Can you be more specific?


          When you drop a clip on the timeline, is there a red line above it?  If so, your source footage doesnt match your seq preset which is causing every frame to have to render.

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            scooby4844 Level 1

            by lag i mean that frames play for alot longer than they should, like i ony have a 6-second clip that still plays for 10 seconds when the line is past the clip on the time line


            the clip looks normal, no red anything