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    VideoPlayer responds in strange way when setting source

    DMcQ Level 1

      I think this is an issue in Flex Builder 3, but I didn't look into some vague monkey-patch based fixes posted on the web hoping that if I just used Flash Builder 4, I wouldn't have to deal...unfortunately the problem (bug?) is still there:


      I have a VideoPlayer instance (<s:VideoPlayer/>) and a List component holding URLs to different FLV videos available.  If the user clicks an item, I set the source attribute of the video player to the new FLV path and play(). It should then play the new video.


      However, when I do this, sometimes the video player will show the new FLV, sometimes is shows the current FLV over again, sometimes it won't do anything (even though in all cases I'm tracing out myVidPlayer.source and the new path really is there.)


      Any thoughts or testimonials by those equally stumped?


      (running on Mac OSX 10.5.7)


      Thanks in advance,