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    4.1 Dynamic Link (Unsharp Mask) Problem

    tclark513 Level 3

      Every time I use the filter unsharp mask on a clip in Premiere and then "replace with After Effects composition" After Effects starts and asks to save the project and then as soon as I scrub the timeline After Effects crashes with the errors:


      crashed occurred when evoking effect plug-in "unsharp Mask"


      The second error right after that one is:  crash occurred while invoking rendering plug-in "AE_Open GL"


      The third error right after that one is: After Effects error: crash in progress


      Can someone try to reproduce this?



      Nvidia 6800 xt  (Tried both old and new drivers)

      Vista Ultimate 64bit (SP2)


      P4 3.4 ghrz

      4 gb ram



      This issue did not exist with 4.0