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    Are project files on the timeline?

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      I'm working on a CS3 PPro project and am currently at the stage where I'm overlaying a mammoth number of sound Fx's.  In the course of review I've gone over and over and replaced sound clips on the timeline with ones I later thought were better than ones I originally put in.  So in PPro in an 'editing' Workspace, I've got my Project Panel with all components neatly ordered in BIns.  However in my 'SoundFx' bin I'm sure that there's a good number of sounds that I've erased from the timeline and hence will not use.  I think it is wise to remove them from the Project Panel also?.  Will it make any difference(?) & if I should how can I quickly check whether a sound file in a bin in the Project panel is in fact in 'use' on the timeline?