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    My pdf appears differently depending on viewing computer + another question

    wayne omaha

      Hi folks- First time poster here so sorry if these are simple questions.  I have a Power Point presentation that I saved as a .pdf.  When I open it on one of my computers using Adobe Reader 7 it displays correctly with my slide having a distinct  seperation from the background of Reader- exactly as I created the document in Power Point and as it displays on my computer that I used to create the document.


      When I open the document using another computer which has Adobe Reader 9 installed I do not get a seperation of my slide to the background of Reader.  The entire window takes on the colour of my slide and I do not have the outline of my slide- with it's shadow as intended from Power Point.


      I have checked to make sure that I am not in Full screen mode and have also checked out the different options under the View tab to no avail.


      Do any of you have any thoughts as to what might be going on?


      Also, my other question has to do with images being displayed correctly when saving as pdf and opening in Reader.  Often I will create a slide show using Power Point.  My images will look fine in Power Point but in Reader they sometimes look distorted.  Is there an option when saving as pdf that will prevent images from becoming distorted?


      Thanks in advance