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    Go to markers in variable movies


      I have this movie behavior at the beggining of movies A, B and C.


      global n2f


      on StartMovie
        member("content").text =""

        n2f[#marker1]="cast member name1"

        n2f[#marker2]="cast member name2"

        n2f[#marker3]="cast member name3"

        n2f[#marker4]="cast member name4"




      From a MIAW (that can be called from any of movies A,B, C) I am trying to go to a marker that can be in any of movies A, B and C,  depending on what cast member the user selects in the MIAW (these cast members are located once in frames on movies A,B or C.


      Ive put this movie bahavior in movies A, B and C, but it works only when the marker is in the movie opened in the background (the one that called the MIAW)


      global newWindow, docSelect, listMember, n2f


      on mouseUp me
        if listMember.Count>0 then
          if listMember[docSelect]<>empty then
            tell the stage       
              put listMember[docSelect] & "---"
              --put n2f
              if n2f.findPos(myFrame)>0 then
                --put listMember[docSelect]
                --put myFrame
                go to myFrame
              end if
            end tell
          end if
        end if


      Any ideas of how to make it work if the marker is in any of the other 2 movies?


      By the way, i have the cast members located in external casts, each with the name of the corresponding movie. For example movie A.dir has the A.cst cast.