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    Divided Box


      I have 6 Swf loaders in 2 vertical Divided Box, each Vertical Divide Box having 1 Horizontal Divided box (h1,h2), and each divided Box (h1) have 3 Panal, in which each pnl have one swf loader, aftre click on cross btn on pnl in have do 'pnl1.visible=false; pnl.IncluideInLayout=false;' aftre removing all pnl (p1,p2,p3) in Divide box(h1), when i add the pnl (1st-p3,2nd-p2), i write code 'pnl3.visible=true;pnl3.IncludeInLayout=true ' but after adding pnl3, pnl2  divide Box is adjustm two pnl at width 50%-50% but spacer of divide box is not comming after the p2, Screen shot is  atttached.