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    request help understanding fxg changes in FlashBuilder4 sdk


      In the Gumbo SDK I was using I was able to load an Illustrator FXG file into the displayList, dive inside and see all the components - groups, paths, radialGradients etc. With the FlashBuilder 4 I have just downloaded, I can still load the FXG and view, but the inside seems to consist of MovieClip and Shape objects without any of the e.g. Path winding="nonZero" data="M4.35889 data that I am used to seeing. This is what I am doing:


      import comp.Flower3; // import Flower.fxg from comp folder


      displayGroup = new Group();

      var source2:Flower3 = new comp.Flower3();



      // Flower appears in VBox as it did with earlier Gumbo sdk


      getFxgData(displayGroup.getChildAt(0) as DisplayObjectContainer); // call function to inspect fxg elements


      private function getFxgData(container:DisplayObjectContainer):void
         var child:DisplayObject; 
         var counter:uint = 1;
          for (var i:uint=0; i < container.numChildren; i++) // look at all fxg elements to find group tags
               child = container.getChildAt(i);
               if (child is Group) // child is Group so process

               { ...........


      In FlashBuilder 4 the child is Group never fires because there are no longer any Groups found within the fxg ..... cannot find any docs on what changed ... any help much appreciated, TIA