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    Help! Trial version for AFX won't Download (akami plugin? Vista?)

    Jon Straudobees

      I am on windows Vista home premium, and I can't download the trial version for AFX, anyone have any ideas I'd truly appreciate it.


      Using Mozilla firefox v 3 10, i have allowed pop-ups at adobe.com and content.  I select the trial version of Adobe AFX for Windows (english), I am able to get as far as to the Akami download manager (a window that pops up with that title) but nothing happens, the window that appears is empty.  It just says "done" instantly.


      In other words, nothing downloads. No indication of anything being blocked from my firewall, or the web browser.


      I CAN download other adobe programs from adobe.com that do not require the akami plugin (such as acrobat professional), also i can download programs from other websites, so i'm thinking, it's either a Vista firewall issue (which does not make sense), an Akami/Vista compatibility issue or a server issue (adobe side), the latter 2 seem the most likely possibilities. 


      I've followed the instructions (I think) accurately on possible trouble shooting for this and to no avail. The link for the instruction book for the akami plugin brings up a 404 file not found too



      Any ideas? or confirmations please. (is Firefox and IE explorer interconnected in some fashion? thus, would any settings in IE affect firefox?)