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    Workflow with e.g. Photoshop


      Maybe I didn´t get the point, but what about following scenario:


      A designer makes a complex layout for a RIA in Photoshop, imports the layout in Catalyst and after some additional work and tweaking he is happily presenting a working demo including nice tweenings, some dummy-data and so on.


      The client is quite impressed and very happy also, but wants some minor changes ... :

          - We would like to change the format a little bit...

          - Could you please change the dummy-text we saw already in your Photoshop-layouts to real text

          - We would like to see the Login-Screen...


      So the designer does the changes in Photoshop - and then?


      I didn´t find a possibility to re-import a Photoshop file.

      I can´t edit the Photoshop text.

      I cant´t edit code in the code-view.

      I didn't find possibilities to re-import or update library-elements


      So I still hope I missed some important features, otherwise I really don´t understand which workflows Adobe thought of to use Catalyst when it´s not only a one-way street to Flex/Flash Builder as mentioned in some other posts but also a one-way street from Photoshop/Illustrator with no functionable possibility to edit the design after an import.


      At the moment I think the need for a product like catalyst shows that there still are some lacks in the usability of Flex and Flash

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          njadobe2 Adobe Employee

          Hi--in the current beta version, we have the ability to launch and edit individual components and graphics from FC into Adobe Illustrator CS4 using Modify > Edit in Adobe Illustrator CS4 (currently that's the only way to edit text imported from Photoshop). Over time you can expect to see us improve our integration with other CS products as well.


          Some other possibilities for updating the FC content from an updated PS design in the current beta are:

          -- create a PSD with the layers you want to update, import that into FC (either into the main app or the component you want to update), and delete the old content

          -- copy and paste individual bitmaps into FC from PS and delete the original bitmaps





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            ensel2 Level 1

            Thank you, Narciso!


            I know it´s still a beta, but I´m not sure whether a public beta should be released while a lot of basic features are not functionable or do not exist yet or even it´s not clear whether they will exist at all in the release version. Perhaps Adobe could find a better way to communicate the actual status and the intended features of the software.

            I know it´s a bit naive to do so, but many people use a public beta just as a teaser to decide whether the software will be useful for them, knowing that there are still some bugs and a documented lack of some minor features. But with catalyst it seems that even the concept of what the software will become some day is in beta.

            I think in the actual condition of catalyst it´s not quite possible to decide whether it will ever fit into any of our workflows.

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              Add me to the count of folks who would like to see "update/edit original" capabilities in FC.  Right now I'm on the path of going back to PSD, making changes, then re-importing the file into FC.  This is frustrating because if I had a size change in PSD, it won't import automatically aligned to the old file, and can stall the application because the file size is bloated by the fact that existing layers are not being replaced.


              Part of my long run-around routine could be solved by making text imported (not flattened) into FC fully editable within FC, instead of within Illustrator.


              I would much prefer a smart object-like capability that would allow me to edit in smart object mode in Photoshop or AI.  Or something like the links in Flash or InDesign.  Heck, any of the above applications have update-graphics solutions that I would happily embrace