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    simple multiple logo animation

      I have looked through the web looking for a "simple" example of how to created an animated GIF of logos. When we received our website from the design company, they created an animated gif which basically displays the logos of some of our customers. they are all sized the same. When I open it up in fireworks, I see all the frames with the logos on frames that display for 2 seconds and then transition frames fade from one logo to the next. I have tried adding blank frames in between frames which have the gif logo and clicked on onion skin before/after, etc, but cannot figure out how to create the fading/mixed logo for the fade transition. How do you do this? I have one level now which has all the frames in it, do I need to create new levels with the new gif logos I want to add to the animation and then somehow make a new combined level. I just don't get it. thanks for any help you can offer (btw- the animate logo is on our website www.boardwalktech.com
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          pixlor Level 4
          The transition from one logo to another takes four frames. Working with two logos, you would need to create the two intermediate images like this:
          - Place logo1 above logo2
          - Set the opacity of logo1 to 67%; export this as intermediary1
          - Set the opacity of logo1 to 33%; export this as intermediary2

          Now, construct your animation with the four images:
          - logo1
          - intermediary1 (mostly logo1)
          - intermediary2 (mostly logo2)
          - logo2

          And so on. For each pair of logos, you need to create two new images to insert between them.

          I don't know if Fireworks has any automatic transitions. I know there are animation programs that do, though. Hmm...Fireworks Help mentions tweening, but for symbols, and if you only have a few logos to add, the manual method might be easier.