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    AME error: WinFile.cpp-754

    deggi Level 1

      I updated Adobe Media Encoder to version - it worked fine in the past.


      But I now get this error message when starting to convert a clip: [../../Src/Win/WinFile.cpp-754]


      It doesn't matter which settings I use. It also doesn't matter which codec was used for the source clip.


      Any ideas?

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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

          Please open a support case:




          Bentley Wolfe
          Senior Support Engineer, Adobe Systems Inc.
          Flash/Flash Player/Director

          *** I cannot answer private messages. If you have a support need please open a case at http://www.adobe.com/support/

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            kgulati Level 1

            Please update Adobe Media Encoder again. Previous update might not happened properly.

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              little*big*man Level 2

              I had the same problem - if you have any Nero versions installed, get rid of those.  Cleared up the problem right away.


              They also have a clean tool for Nero if that isn't enough.





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                barkysparkalot Level 1

                Having this same issue.  I'm suddenly unable to encode from an AVI source to an FLV output.  I'm getting the same error message on two different computers running the same version of Adobe Media Encoder: one is an XP 32-bit machine and one is a Vista x64 machine.


                I don't have Nero anyything installed, so that solution won't work.  Any suggestions?

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                  cmeira Level 1

                  the same error after trying to convert videos from h.264/MPEG-4 (.avi) to f4v via AME on Vista64:

                  screenshot 203.png

                  It's the first time that this error appears. Any ideas?



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                    BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                    Probably the same cause, lack of SSE2:


                    Adobe Media encoder CS4 has encountered an error[..\..\Src\Init.cpp-42] (Windows)


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                      deggi Level 1

                      That is not correct. My Intel Core2Quad Q9550 is a cpu with SSE2.


                      None of the replies was helpful yet. The software is just not working!

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                        BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                        I'll have the AME team look into it..

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                          little*big*man Level 2

                          Thanks!  I'd really like to use Nero again on this machine!



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                            easygoing83 Level 1

                            I've run into the same error.


                            Check if your working partition has enough free space available.


                            After encoding many/big files, it can happen that Media Encoder / Premiere leaves many many gigabytes of "media cache files" left in:


                            "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\AppData\Adobe\Common\Media Cache"


                            Eventually, use a program like JDiskReport http://www.jgoodies.com/freeware/jdiskreport/ to find out where those gigabytes are stored. Then delete them.


                            This solved my problem immediately.

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                              deggi Level 1

                              This problem is well known since months. To delete these files (I do this after every encoding session!) is not solving the problem.

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                                mpm902 Level 1

                                I too am having this exact same problem... WinFile.cpp-754


                                I am running Win XP SP3

                                Core2Duo E4500 (2.2 GHz)

                                2GB RAM

                                Adobe CS4 Master Collection (Full Install, not a trial)


                                I've had varying degrees of sucess with Media Encoder, which sucks...

                                When it works properly, like a part of a $3000 software package should, it is great.


                                When it doesn't work however it is very very frustrating!


                                I have tried many different types of source material - codecs such as H.264, MJPEG or plain old MPEG 4 and I keep getting the same problem.


                                I do have an SSE2 enabled processor.

                                I Don't, and nevfer have had any Nero products installed.

                                I have cleared out the Media Cache folders and restarted.

                                I have deleted the prefs.


                                Is there any other options for me to be able use this software???




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                                  Cossie1982 Level 1



                                  i have the same issue here.

                                  I dont have any Nero Version installed, and I also have a SSE2 capable CPU.

                                  Is there a solution for this issue? It is not possible to export into any format for me.


                                  Please provide us a solution, it seems to be a wide known problem.



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                                    mpm902 Level 1



                                    Well I called Adobe support yesterday afternoon... that's a bit of a journey in and unto itself! The first call I ended up transferred to Brazil tech support...

                                    Second call fared much better. I ended up speaking with a nice woman there that genuinely cared about my problem and took me through a few different possible causes.


                                    Right off the bat I will say, in my case at the very least, it wasn't Adobe's fault.


                                    I installed the K-Lite codec pack (http://www.filehippo.com/download_klite_codec_pack/) which is a collection of probably a hundred different audio and video codecs... I was a little sketched out about this initially, since it is really an illegal collection of various companies IP, such as macrovision, DIVX and the like. But, it was Adobe's suggestion, so I thought it was worth a try. And you get a chance to set a Windows restore point before the installation, so I suggest when given the option to do that you check that box during the install.


                                    Lo and behold, during the installation of K-Lite, it does a registry check for codecs... turns out I had an issue with the Motion JPEG codec in my Windows registry, it offered to fix it for me, and I did... Bang! Off to the races. I haven't tested AME a whole bunch today, just enough to get my work done, but I will do more investigation later. It is currently working like a charm.


                                    The things I listed in my initial message (Nero, deleting project files, removing prefs) are all good ideas, but the one thing that worked for me was the K-Lite codec pack. Go figure.


                                    Thank you to the lady at Adobe tech support, whose name I can't remember, but whose tips were invaluable. I hope this helps some of you out there with this problem!


                                    Now... the only blame I can attach to Adobe... are those F'n error messages! God damn! They need someone to translate that crap into English, or at least engrish... Winfile cpp 754? What the hell is that? Tell me there is an issue with my windows registry, at the very least... point me in the right direction Adobe so you don't have to put your tech support people (and perhaps more importantly, your CUSTOMERS) through such a nightmare!!


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                                      Sibercat Level 1

                                      If you get  WinFile.cpp-754  it is  Adobe's fault, here how to fix it, you will need to Reinstall


                                      1.  Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder.


                                      2. After you are done restart your PC. then install Adobe Media Encoder


                                      3. After you are done installing go to this URL: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=160&platform=Windows


                                      And get Adobe Media Encoder 4.0.2 update - multiple languages  Install and you are Done

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                                        deggi Level 1

                                        4.0.2 is not the problem!


                                        The lastest version (4.1.0) is not working.


                                        This discussion is idiotic. Adobe has to fix this bug. Thats all!

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                                          vivid007 Level 1

                                          this is insane. why would a program work fine one minute, and stop working the next???????


                                          I SUCCESSFULLY encoded an AVI to FLV this morning...

                                          come back from lunch, try to encode the file again as h.264, and whammo I get this error.


                                          now I can't encode that file at all... let alone any sort of AVI file yet encoding a .mov works fine... WTF !?


                                          also, when i click "File -> Show Errors" nothing is logged


                                          I'm running AME

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                                            little*big*man Level 2

                                   is doing it intermittently for me....crap, this hadn't popped its head up for awhile.



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                                              Jeffshead1 Level 1

                                              This really bites!


                                              I did everything from removing all other programs to performing a clean install of the OS and nothing but Adobe CS4 and I still get the  WinFile.cpp-754 error.


                                              I really wish they would fix this. I own this super expensive suite and still have to resort to the open source apps to get the job done.


                                              The Adobe Engineers should be ashamed!

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                                                mpm9022 Level 1

                                                I agree Jeff... After my "final" post in this thread I have had more problems... it is off and on. It is currently compressing for me - at this very moment - with no problems. I could leave my desk though go for a bathroom break, come back, and it may have crashed. I have no confidence whatsoever in this software. Wjhich is funny because I haven't had one crash in any other of the programs I use in the CS4 Master Collection - not one of them - only Media Encoder. I think tthis program was an afterthought and we are the beta testers that are paying the price - on top of the price - for it.

                                                Which is really to bad - I like the interface itself and it has the potential to be such a swiss army knife for us media junkies... but it is really just a piece of crap.

                                                On the otherhand - free software like AVIDemux and "Any Video Converter" have now become my main tools of choice - perhaps I should switch over to Gimp as well - but I guess that's not very realistic. Still the fact that not one person from Adobe has come on this threat to see what is up steams me. What is this a government department or is it a private software firm who should be striving to keep it's LOYAL customer base happy? Or are they too much like a monopoly now and they don't really care? I currently feel like no one really cares. Shame indeed!

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                                                  Xa688 Level 1

                                                  I renamed preferences file "4.0" as "4.0 old" from C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe media encoder and C:\Users\[your user name]\Documents\Adobe\Adobe media encoder\ and it seems to work correctly.

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                                                    Ziggizag Level 1

                                                    Hi All,


                                                    This stupid error comes out when Adobe Media Encoder finds some obstacles while decoding files. It is especially in case audio layer cannot be conformed to any known audio formats. Please notice - this is not Adobe fault but normally it is FFDShow issue. Direct Show filter (decoder) presents somwhat corrupted data to the application layer and this results in a crash. This is also the reason why this error is normally limited to specific files what cannot be endcoded by AMD.


                                                    The resolution is not to use FFDshow for such a specific file or change default codec for this file.


                                                    I hope it's helpful.

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                                                      deggi Level 1

                                                      No, this is not explaining why version 4.0.2 is working fine (for me) and none of the later versions is able to encode the same clip.


                                                      And I tested it with FFDshow and the original codec. There is no difference.