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    Opening .PDF's in IE7 with Adobe Reader 9.0 & Adobe Writer 5.0




      I am running a XP Pro environment on a HP D530 machine. I have installed on this PC Adobe Reader 9 and Adobe Writer 5.0. I have defaulted through the folder options all .PDF and adobe related files to open in 9.0 and done the normal 'open with' option aswell. Problem is on this internet ticker link i have/use, all the .PDF's posted on there always default to 5.0 and produce a error saying i need to upgrade to a higher version. If i leave 9.0 open then it will default to them without any issue. Is there any regkeys or files in 5.0 or 9.0 i can change so i can set all files to 9.0 Reader?


      I have been told the ticker is only used to link to the files and does not have any code that dictates how the .PDF's open.


      Any adive or ideas would be of great help! :-)