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    Imported PPro project into AE, now I need it back in PPro in individual clips


      Hi Everyone,


      I have very roughly chopped down some clips I know I want to put into AE so I can stablise the footage a bit.

      They are sequenced with gaps and now I am working on getting them sorted in AE, but I wanted to check I could work on the sequence again in Premiere, but I cannot figure out how to import the AE project in Premiere without it ending up as a single clip!


      I have started a new project to the right Size (HDV 1080 50i)

      Imported the .aep project file

      Dropped the single imported file into the new sequence and its a single long clip


      Is there a way to export out of AE or import with PPro to keep the clips separate, like I did when importing into AE to begin with...?