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    New Computer Advice

    Lou Dina Level 3

      I need some advice. My 6 year old computer (WinXP) just crashed and I need a new one.  It was getting slow anyway. I'd consider a Mac, but all my software is PC and I have never even used a Mac (they also seem very expensive). I have a limited budget (like to keep it under $2000 if possible. I have monitors and external USB hard drives for backup). I don't need a "state of the art screamer" but I do need a faster, more powerful machine to comfortably process 21 MB RAW 5DmkII files and one that works well with my Canon 6100 printer. I figure 200-300 MB files will be a routine thing in Photoshop (currenty using PSCS2 and LR2.3) Color management MUST work properly.

      I've never used Vista and am a bit gun shy. I have heard there are problems with its ability to retain monitor calibration data, etc, and that color management may be an issue. I have also read about problems getting the Canon drivers and plugins working. A new machine will have some flavor of Vista, but which one? And is XP compatibility mode part of the standard Vista system? Does Vista require any new software or can I use my old Windows XP software?

      Suggestions on computer make, deals, CPU, amount and type of RAM, hard drive size and type, video card, etc, would be appreciated. I'd like the video card to have two connections and two video lookup tables for my two Samsung monitors. Any other advice would be appreciated. I'm way out of touch on what to buy and don't want to make a big mistake.

      Thank You,

      Lou Dina


      p.s. I have posted this email to a few other forums.  Thanks for understanding.

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          bret linford Level 1

          Hi, Lou.


          Not a big PC user but you may want to skip over Vista and go to Windows 7. I believe that you can get the beta for free and upgrade to the full version soon. Can't speak for its color management capabilities but as an OS, all fronts point to this being significantly better than Vista.


          Also, I would think for $2K, you'd could get a fast machine and a monitor you can calibrate to get good color.



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            for your budget you can easily get a computer that meets your demands  i would recommend a Dell, HP, Asus, Fujitsu Siemens or Mesh  Vista had its issues but 99.9% of these issues have been ironed out with service packs and updates as needed so compatibility etc shouldn't be an issue  all you need to worry about s dual monitor support and for this you will a computer that has a graphics card that supports this  hope this helps



            core i7 any motherboard will do it doesnt matter.... 6gb of 1333 ram(or 12 will be best) 2tb of hardrive space and a gtx 285  this will last you for a long time

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              eothailand Level 1

              If you are close to an Apple store, you have to take a look at the iMac. A great computer that will blow you away. I think you would be making an enormous error in staying with Windows.  You can buy all the Adobe programs and Microsoft programs for the Mac and the documents that you already have will work just fine.