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    Flash within Adobe AIR App: Textfields won't accept text input


      Hy there


      We have a html-based Adobe AIR application, which in turn embeds a flash application from a server  (Written using ActionScript 2). We are using the < embed > tag for this.


      The flash application has several input fields. In the UI I can click buttons or open dropdowns, but whenever I would like to type text in an inputfield the text does not get into the actual field and it remains empty.


      The behaviour is as follows:


      • Click click afield with the mouse --> The cursor in the respective field starts blinking
      • Enter Text on the Keyboard --> Nothing happens (?)


      However, when I open the flash application in a browser everything works as expected and I am able to enter text into the fields.


      Has anybody experienced a similar situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated.