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    See Also Control - Popup Menu

    Cal Wilson Level 1

      I need help with the See Also and Related Topics controls (buttons). The popup menu related to the controls does not appear next to the buttons in WebHelp. I can't see the menu without scrolling to the top of the topic. The need to scroll to see the menu means that the typical visitor will not see the menu, that is, it is not likely the visitor will scroll to the top of the topic to find the menu. Instead, the visitor will think the control is not working, as I did initially. I found the menu by luck actually.


      I am using RH8.


      To create/add a See Also control, I am following these steps:

      Create a See Also key word.

      Assign topics to the key word.

      Insert the See Also control in a topic.

      Select the (Choose topic from) Popup menu option.

      Generate the WebHelp project.

      Open the topic with the See Also control.

      Click the control.

      To see the popup menu, I have to scroll to the top of the topic.


      For an example, see the attached screen capture. Notice the position of the scroll bars in the top and bottom portions of the capture.


      In a HTML help file, the popup menu is next to the control, which eliminates the need to scroll to see the list of topics.


      Is it possible to cause the popup menu (for the See Also and Related Topics controls/buttons) to appear next to the control as it does in a HTML help file?


      Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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          Gravenstein Level 2

          I see the same thing happening in my test project. Looks like a bug to me. I took a quick look at the output files, and there's a bunch of code that deals with how the popup menu is displayed. I didn't see a simple fix---perhaps more experienced eyes can see what to do.


          As a workaround, it appears that if you select a "Topics Found" dialog box instead of the popup, that it will display in the correct location.


          I'd encourage you to report this to Adobe. Click here to view the Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form.



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            Cal Wilson Level 1



            Thanks for taking time to test the behavior. At least I know the problem is not caused by something I did wrong.


            I have reported the bug as you suggested.


            I had considered the use of the Topics Found dialog box. It's not my first choice, due to the look and extra clicks for the visitor. Not to mention I will have to locate and change all the See Also controls.


            Thanks again.