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    navigator window

    Tayari Level 1

      Will there be or is there a navigator window in catalyst?

      Will the layout button be like in the other cs4 apps? (quick switching to different layouts.) Now there are just 2 possiblities.

      A way to save different layouts.



      Is there a page where I can find the known bugs? And known to do list? Is there something special to be tested or just general useabillity?

      Is there a bug report form?


      If there are I am sorry for missing them. The adobe site can get a bit cluttered forme.

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          njadobe2 Adobe Employee

          Hi--thanks for the feedback. We can't speak right now to what will or won't be included in the shipping version of 1.0, but it's good to know that these features (navigator window and switchable workspace layouts) are useful to you.


          The best way to report bugs for now is to post them on this forum. We're interested in any and all feedback on any parts of the product.