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    OMF aberrations on import

    Frédéric Leclair Level 1

      Ok I exported a project in 4 OMFs sections (they where split to make up for Premiere crashes if I tried to export all project at once).  The project has17 tracks and last 1h50m. I had no error message on export.


      When I tried to import in Mac on LOGIC and then Soundtrack Pro, I had different timecode for first clip and last clip for each; none of those 2 where the one I had on export.


      I exported from 00;00;00;00 to 01;50;00;00 (approx.) and imported OMF with CTI on 00;00;00;00 point.


      Embeded sound OMFs didn't import sound, only those which had separated sound; files where said to be "not found"


      In all 4 imports, none imported a project that had actual project duration of mine in Premiere CS4...


      I was told that Premiere's OMF export imported frame perfect...


      Anyone got any clues or experience about this issue ?


      Thank you for your interest.

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          Frédéric Leclair Level 1

          I'm aware of this on ADOBE site about OMF, but anyone got a workaround or something ?


          "You can export all the active audio tracks from an entire sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro to an Open Media Format (OMF) file. DigiDesign Pro Tools imports OMF files, when the DigiTranslator feature is licensed. With DigiTranslator in Pro Tools, you can sweeten soundtracks from Adobe Premiere Pro.

          Note: The OMF files exported by Adobe Premiere Pro have not been tested, and are not officially supported for Avid, Steinberg Nuendo, Fairlight, Automatic Duck, Final Cut Pro, Sonar, Logic,or other platforms. Adobe Premiere Pro does not import OMF files."