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    .HPJ to .CHM but keep .RTF?

    MaritimeGirl Level 1

      I have a bunch of .hpj projects that I want to import into RoboHelp where I'll publish to .CHM files.


      If I try the import in RoboHelp for HTML, all of my topics get created as .htm files and my .doc/.rtf are nowhere to be seen.


      I then tried RoboHelp for Word.  I can import an .hpj and publish to HTML Help successfully - I get my .CHM - but what I see in my RoboHelp project is a .DOC - I don't want the .DOC, I want the .RTF.  I've noticed that if I edit a listed topic, it will launch Word, I make and save my change and both my .DOC and .RTF will show as updated in Windows Explorer.


      I also tried importing the .RTF directly into a new project but it still showed up as a .DOC in the project.


      I want RoboHelp to keep the RTF file as the source files (which I will keep in source control) to which edits will be made - I don't want to see the .DOC files anywhere.  Is this possible?  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, that I missed a step or a setting.  What I'm trying to do doesn't sound really complicated.