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    MSI Installation trouble

    AidanGuy Level 1

      I downloaded the Adobe Reader 9.1 distributable MSI from Adobe and have published it in group policy. However, it fails to install telling me that i need to upgrade Internet Explorer to a version higher than 6 even though the computer has IE7 installed. The user has read access to everything on c: and the registry, but the issue is related to permissions as if i make the user a member of the local admins group the MSI works fine.


      Does anyone know where Adobe Reader performs its check for IE version? or what the solution to this is without making users local admins?



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          Have the same Problem

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            deepak_sisodia Level 2

            Have you enabled the priviledge elevation setting for the group policy?

            This setting lets user install programs that require access to directories that the user might not have permissions to view or change.


            Follow the steps below to enable priviledge elevation -

            1. Open Group Policy Editor

            2. Expand Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components

            3. In the Windows Components folder, select Windows Installer

            4. Double Click  'Always install with elevated priviledges'

            5. Select 'Enabled' and then click OK.


            Hope this solves your problem.