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    Memory Leak - macromedia.util.UtilPagedTempBuffer




      I've been trying to track down a slow memory leak on a ColdFusion 8 server for a month, and have stalled a bit.

      I've been through all the usual techniques for debugging memory leaks in coldfusion, without any success, so I started using Java memory Profilers to see what's clogging up the heap.


      I've been using the MAT plugin for eclipse, and it keeps pointing to the macromedia.util.UtilPagedTempBuffer class as the problem. The retained size of each instance isn't too large at about 66k, but thousands of them can build up in a few days, which causes the problem. For some reason, the instances of this class just aren't being released for garbage collection.


      I'm stuck now, as googling this class doesn't give me any further information.


      I would appreciate any information you have on this class, even just knowing the basics of what it does? Any explanation as to why it doesn't clear would help a lot.


      Thanks in advance

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          mack_ Level 3

          The class might be related to receiving query results or maybe

          uploaded files, I'm not sure... it's an interesting problem, if you

          want you contact me offlist and to take a closer look.



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            gareth_cole Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            There shouldn't be any file uploads going on, so I'm starting to think it could be an sql issue.

            Although googling this class only seemed to bring it up in stack traces, the adjacent stack places seemed to be SQL related classes.


            I'm starting to think that it's either a problem with the SQL drivers or some configuration setting I've used for the datasource.


            I'm using CF8 standard on a 64bit windows vps (iis running in 32bit compatiblity mode). The database is MS SQL 2005, presumably running as a 64bit application.


            Do you think this could be the issue? Is it worth changing the database drivers (and how would I go about this)?