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    Bespoke components in catalyst

    Tobe Street

      I appreciate that what we see with the BETA is a sub-set of the components that are to be included on launch. However, how would we go about developing and including bespoke components for our designers? Is there a tutorial available for that? Do you intend to have a library of open-source components ready to drop into Catalyst that have been generated by users?


      Looking really good so far.



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          njadobe2 Adobe Employee

          Hi--currently you can take components that you design in Flash Catalyst and export them using File > Export Library Package. These can then be imported into other FC projects using FIle > Import Library Package. Is that the kind of functionality you're looking for?




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            Tobe Street Level 1

            Nice feature but not really what I was after.


            I want to ba able to add additional functionality or a bespoke component and have those accessible as a "Convert Artwork" option. Say I want to build a re-usuable component akin to the Mac carousel as a selection device. I want then to allow our designers to import their artwork into Catalyst and convert to said carousel like they would convert to a button or a datagrid.


            Same thing with a '3D' wall of images as an extension to a datagrid. These are the type of functionality that client regularly want to see - if only to prove that that's not really what they want!


            Maybe it's just my install but I can't edit the code in code view so I'd have to build these components' functionlaity in FB4 and then package(?) them  up for inclusion in Catalyst - that's the kind of thing I would like to do - extend it!



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              _del_p_ Level 1

              From answers to other posts and talking to someone at Adobe there will not be any importing from FB4 into FC (although I think it may well be a goal to get there - FC2!?)

              As for the non editable code, I get that as well


              Shame, from the hype I was expecting the full cycle of photoshop -> FC ->FB4 -> FC ->.... and so on back and forth until the design was rock solid between designer and developer.

              If I could create custom components in FC and give them functionality in FB then that will do, but I've not managed that yet (well not for something complex), could do with some tutorials from Adobe. I've seen the video of the Adobe directory being created from image to app in 25 mins but its very simlpe and I think componets are the way to go.  I don't see large scale apps being created in FC, just their individual pieces that can then be reused.

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                Kevin Rommen

                Theoritically this is possible with the framework and language capabilities. Currently this isn't supperted. It would be a great attribution to the framework which will strengthen their position in the online market. So probably they will add this feature later on.