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    32k to 48k Audio Conversion


      I'm editing promos in a 48k environment. I've taken in a promo from an ftp site.

      The audio on the imported promo has 32k resolution. How do I convert the audio

      to 48k?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Are you sure you need to?  I've not had any issues importing 32k DV files into a 48k DV project.

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            Audiogeek Level 1

            I have lots of "pops" and other artifacts.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Hmmm.  I've not had that issue before.


              As a test, have you tried bringing those same clips into a 32k project?  Do they still have the pops and clicks?  If yes, than conversion may not be the solution.


              In any case, VirtualDub shoud be able to batch convert these no problem.

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                Dan Isaacs Level 2

                If you do this in VirtualDub, choose Video / Direct stream copy to avoid recompression of the video, which is lossy and slower.


                Choose Audio / Full processing mode and then go to Audio / Conversion…


                1. Set samplng rate to 48000Hz and be sure to tick High Quality
                2. Verify that Precision is 16-bit and Channels is stereo
                3. Go to File / Save as AVI and save to a new filename


                If you want to batch a bunch of clips (and be able to do so again in the future more conveniently), be sure you have set things up as above… then go to File / Save processing settings…and save the current settings as 32kHz_48kHz.vcf (for example)


                1. To run a batch, be sure all of your source clips are in a common folder and that folder contains ONLY the .avi files you want to convert.
                2. Go to File / Job control…
                3. In the VirtualDub Job Control window, click Edit / Process directory and select the folder in which your clips are stored. Then choose a different folder where the new clips are to be output.
                4. Click the Start button to process the batch entries.


                If you want to perform another batch at a later date, launch VirtualDub and choose File / Load processing settings… to open your 32kHz_48kHz.vcf settings file and repeat the steps above.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I've also not seen (well, actually "heard") problems with 32KHz Audio into a 48KHz Project. If the Conforming did not do a good job, then it might be time for Audition. If the problems occur in the source footage, there are many tools in Audition (maybe in SoundBooth too?), to clean up the Audio. Look to the Restoration Effects. You'll find a bunch and with their application, and a bit of critical listening (use the Preview function liberally), you can do a great job of cleaning up the Audio. I have also found that a little program from Magix, Audio Cleaning Lab, does a surprisingly good job. In some instances, it even surpasses Audition, and is easier to use if one is not familiar with Audition. I picked up a copy on sale at Fry's and rather regarded it as a "toy." When I hit some snags on a file in Audition, I gave it a try and was astounded at the results. So much for it being a "toy."


                  Good luck,