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    Best method to deliver multiple similar components


      I have multiple screens all with a series of drop down boxes as shown in the attached jpg.  This is a custom component that consists of a buton and text entry field.  Where I am using these I need to have them be slightly different sizes and have different things listed in the drop down.  While this is easy to create given the large number of them I end up with a huge list of components.  I think this is also impacting performance.  Any suggestions on the best way to approach this?

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          njadobe2 Adobe Employee

          Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to create resizable components in FC, so if the different instances need to be different sizes, they currently need to be different components.


          Due to a forum bug I can't see your screenshot, but if you built the dropdown portion of the component using a Data List, then you can reuse that same list in the different versions of your component and set different content using the Design-Time Data panel. (However, the different instances of the list will be the same size.)