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    ND gradient filter in Premiere pro CS 4 ?

    Ljupco Smokovski

      Is there a way to create an ND gradient filter in this software similar to photoshop's gradient filter ?


      Also, how can i make my video less sharp ? I shot the video using the maximum sharpness in-camera and now would like to dial it back.


      Any tutorials or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards from Macedonia, Ljupco

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Try dropping a Ramp effect on your clip, followed immediately by a Calculations effect. Swivel down Second Source in Calculations, and set Second Layer to Video 1 (or whatever layer your clip is on), bring the Second Layer Opacity up to 100%, and then play with the blending modes in the Calculations effect to achieve a look you like: I found Darken, Multiply and Hard Light to be most effective. You can adjust the Ramp effect's color and start/end points--the default black-to-white gradient is going to be most like an ND grad, but you can change the black color to something else in order to get a colored grad (ie. tobacco). When you tweak it to a look you like, select both effects and save as a preset to easily reapply the look.