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    Reader demands upgrade to full professional version


      I am a home computer user running Windows Vista on a Sony VAIO laptop, and have tried the readers in versions 8 and 9. Both work fine when I try to open and read a PDF file stored on my hard disk.


      Issue: When I come across a PDF document on a web site, the reader displays part of the page in a new window (I set the settings to "open documents in new window") for a few seconds. Then I get a big dialog box that says I must upgrade to the full professional version to continue. If I close that dialog, the window with the PDF document disappears. If I try the upgrade, it asks for about $500, and I cannot afford it. The dialog is attached.


      Question: Isn't the reader supposed to be free? I only need to read PDF files (mostly on web sites), and sometimes the web-admins set up their pages such that you cannot download the PDF file to your hard disk. Can somebody help me set up the reader so I can only "read" the files for free, as touted by Adobe. Thanks in advance, - srtinc.