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    Navigation Bar Pop up issues and problems with vertical nav bar


      I have two problems:

      I created a vertical nav bar in fireworks with pop ups creating a button, pasting it many times and aligning the lot. There are 20 buttons in the nav bar. When I check it on firefox, it displays fine. When I export it into a table in Dreamweaver, all the pop up menus appear above the buttons instead of appearing at the same level as the buttons. How can I sort that out?

      When I insert text into the table I've reserved for text, the vertical nav bar centers itself in the middle of the page instead of staying at the top of the page. I created a table to isolate the Nav bar so that if the table next to it had text longer than the nav bar, the nav bar wouldn't move but that does not appear to have worked. How can I have the Nav bar stay at the top of the page instead of centering?


      Other possibilities:

      I'm wondering about originating the vertical nav bar in dreamweaver but when I try doing that, I get the error message: each page can only create one nav bar.

      How can I create a Nav bar using just text instead of using buttons originated in fireworks?

      Any ideas on how I could simplify the design but still have those 3 nav bars? (In the best case scenario, I can replace the bottom nav bar with text links but the other 2 require pop up menus so I need 2 nav bars)


      Specifics about the website:

      I've created a table with 2 columns and 5 rows. In the first row I have the banner, in the second I have a horizontal navigation bar with buttons I created in Fireworks, in the third row I want to insert a vertical navigation bar and in the column to the right insert text. I created an extra row so that the vertical navigation bar would not move down when I inserted text that exceeded the size of the vertical nav bar. The last row has another nav bar. Both horizontal nav bars work fine.

      All the nav bars have been orginated in fireworks.