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    Stuttered image movement

    BrianStapleton Level 1

      Hi. I have a large image (w: 1071px, h: 2222px) which I need to move a distance of 2178px upwards on my stage and the quality of the tween is terrible.


      I've ticked the box in the image properties to allow smoothing and I've also reduced the image quality to 50% but it still lags. I've tried chopping the image up into seperate pieces so that when some of the image has gone beyond the stage area and is no longer visible that part of the image is removed and flash no longer has to move it. I've used timeline and actionscript tweens. I've tried exporting a quicktime movie to see if the results would be any better but they were pretty much the same. I am pulling my hair out here!!


      Does anyone have any suggestions?