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    Adobe AIR Installer -  Hybrid - fails to launch on MAC

    Sanjay Kumar Singh

      We have an AIR application to be delivered as a hybrid DVD

      The AIR is deployed as a bundled runtime installer.

      The issue is after burning the DVD as a hybrid, the Adobe AIR Installer does not launch.


      We are using toast to burn the hybrid DVD


      Has anybody encountered a aimilar issue



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          Jason C Hoyt

          I am experiencing a similar issue.  We are doing a side-car installation of AIR + my client's AIR app.  It runs fine on Mac and Windows from a USB stick.  When we try to burn the install starts, and the user is prompted to install, agree to the license, etc. but it says the AIR file is corrupted.  We've tried to burn on Windows using various software from either the data files or from an ISO.  We've also tried to burn from a Mac, from a .cdr and a .dmg file - but the disk isn't readable on windows.  I've even tried to burn on my Linux partition (on G4 powerbook) but it fails at the aforementioned install point above on Mac.


          I've tried so many different disks, CDs, DVDs, etc. with no luck on both platforms.  I've tried different .airinstall.cfg files with the .air file in a sub-directory and also in the root of the folder/disk.  Nothing seems to work for all platforms.


          I'd love some pointers on burning a disk for cross-platform side-car installations of Adobe AIR applications.


          Thank you,

          Jason Hoyt

          New Witness Media, Inc.

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            tzeng Adobe Employee

            On Mac, you can burn directly an IS

            O CD and it should work.

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              Jason C Hoyt Level 1

              I've tried using the Leopard Disk Utility to burn a CD-R from a .dmg and a .cdr (using various options like compressed, read only ,etc.) based on the same directory that the USB installers are copied from (USB installers of AIR app + Sidecar works on Windows/Mac and Linux after installing AIR separately).  I can't get those disks read on a Vista or an XP (SP 3) machine.  Nothing comes up in the CD/DVD drive.  If I use wodim in Ubuntu Linux (installed on a partition on a G4 Powerbook, old, I know) the installer CD works on Mac but it's not readable on WinXp or Vista. 


              I've also tried to copy the .cdr created on a Mac and rename it to .iso, moved it over to a Windows machine and tried burning it with 2 different software (will try Nero next) and it fails to write from the mac-originated .iso.  Windows always seems to butcher the Mac-based installer .app files because it thinks they are folders so I have been unable to create a Data CD directly from the file structure on Windows.


              I'd love a bullet-proof way to burn a CD that would work on Windows and Mac (and Linux would be a plus).