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    No sound after importing FRAPS AVI clips


      I am having difficulty importing clips into Premiere captured with the FRAPS software. The FRAPS avi files were recorded from the Desktop at 1152 x 864 32 bit @ 60 FPS with 44.1 kHz audio. I set the custom Premiere Project Settings to reflect this. After importing the clip the video portion plays OK but I have no sound. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both softwares but that was no help. The clips play OK with sound in Media Player. They also play in VLC bit the colors are stangely distorted.

      I found that if I run the original recorded clips through VirtualDub with the video set to "fast recompress" and the audio set to "direct stream copy" they will import into Premiere without probllems. I would like to be able to import these FRAPS clips without having to run them through VD first.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If CS3 wont handle the audio then VD is your best option.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Have you tried Alt-clicking on the Audio Clip and choosing Render/Replace?


            From another FRAPS thread, it seems that the Audio Stream is PCM/WAV. However, there also appears to be something in the way that FRAPS wraps up the Audio Stream, that causes a problem.


            Also, as Ann says, if VD can strip the Audio and let you work with it, that might be the best route.


            If you could attach a small snippet of the file, I'll be glad to look at it in Audition and see if there's something going on with the Audio Stream.


            Good luck,



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              percyflewfirst Level 1

              Thank you for your suggestion. I will try that tonight. I will post my results this evening.

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                percyflewfirst Level 1

                I was not able to find any option to Replace / Render by Alt clicking on the Audio File.


                I am still experiencing problems. I did find that if I record a long sequence with FRAPS that the first 4GB file recorded imports to Premiere with sound just fine but the next and subsequent 4GB files imported to Premiere won't have sound. The subsequent clips all play fine in VLC or Media Player. As far as I can tell it is normal for FRAPS to divide it's recording up into 4GB chunks but why would this affect the sound?.


                Edit/Delete Message

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  When you want to select the audio part of an clip you hold down the alt while selecting.

                  Then you go to the dropdownmenu at the top and select clip/audio options/render and replace.render and replace.png

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                    I'm having the same problem. You're right in saying it will happen one second and then not happen the next, but it isn't exactly when it cuts the file. It happens anywhere within the files. Within the same file the audio will go silent for a minute or so then it may go back to seeing the audio again, but only in Premiere, audio plays fine in WMP. Very strange, it would make some sense if it were happening between files, but it happens seemingly randomly within the same recording and file.


                    Would love to find a solution to this problem, I hate to have to jimmy rig my files to get them to play/render right.


                    I did render/replace and the audio doesn't show/play in soundbooth either.

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                      For some reason video files encoded with the fraps codec + audio does not like to play nicely with premiere at times. Converting the fraps footage to another lossless codec seems to fix the issues most people have. A relatively painless solution is given here:


                      Converting Fraps footage to Premiere compatable AVI


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                        Chantal Harvey

                        I had that same problem for a while, and found out is was a bug in Fraps.

                        It lasted for quite a while before they fixed it, took many emails - they aknowledged it and fixed it. In any other editsoftware, audio would work, but not in Premiere.

                        So, my bet is that you are using an older version of Fraps? Update to 3.1.0.


                        If the files you filmed are valuable, import them in virtual dub or moviemaker even, then export and import again in Adobe. (I know, what a pain).


                        Hope this helps you,


                        all the best,

                        Chantal Harvey


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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Timely post, and thanks for the info.


                          Another user is having similar issues, but we do not know if FRAPS is being used - could be another similar program. IIRC, I linked to this older post for them, and then you add this info.





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                            Am curious ...what's happening when you choose render replace...I tested for heck of it on a mpg video in CS3 ( unlinked and selected the sound -mpg) and rendered replaced..it became a wav file. Also, it went from about 500something kbps to about 300something kbps, from about 1 gig file size to about 400meg file size...but stayed 48khz stereo.  What is CS3 doing ?  duh...  This wouldn't solve OOS issues would it ??




                            hmmm, this doesnt really tell me much...


                            Render and replace audio

                            You can select an audio clip in a sequence and generate a new audio clip that  replaces the one you selected. The new audio clip contains any editing and  effects you applied to the original sequence clip. If you trimmed the original  sequence clip, the new clip contains only the trimmed audio instead of the  entire audio of the original master clip.

                            1. Select an audio clip in a sequence.
                            2. Choose Clip > Audio Options > Render And  Replace.

                              A new audio clip is created and replaces the selected audio clip. The master  clip (either audio clip or video clip containing audio) in the Project panel is  untouched.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              Render/Replace is just that. It takes whatever the Audio stream in the Timeline is, and converts it to a PCM/WAV file, then replaces that original Audio stream with the resulting WAV file.


                              The same thing happens, if one were to Rt-click on the Audio and choose Edit in Soundbooth, or Edit in Audition. The difference with that operation is that the audio-editing program will be launched and that Rendered file Opened in it, plus a link back to PrPro will be created. Then, when one edits the Audio, and does a Save, the file in PrPro will be updated.


                              If you notice, the color of your Audio Clip will have changed, and there will be the WAV version added to the Project Panel. Your muxed MPEG file's Audio has not been changed, as it was only used to create the PCM/WAV. You could still use that muxed MPEG file's original Audio stream, if you so chose.


                              Now, muxed MPEG Audio can cause issues with PrPro, so Render/Replace is often a good step, even if one is not doing an Edit in Soundbooth, or an Edit in Audition.


                              One issue with muxed MPEG Audio is that it can be AC3 (either DD 5.1 SS, or 2-channel). The AC3 can be an issue, and PrPro will have problems with it. Through CS3, prior to CS4, the trick is Copy the AC3 .dll from Encore into the PrPro main folder. This will allow AC3 support. With the introduction of CS4, this trick did not work. With CS4.2, AC3 support was added to PrPro.


                              Good luck, and hope that this helps,



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                                Hmmm, interesting...thanks..  the oos I mentioned ( re: stupid safari VOB

                                stuff ) wasn't muxed....so this would have nothing to do with a solution of

                                that particular problem...was just curious what it's really doing...makes

                                sense...get a new audio file and basically clean up a whole lot of

                                alterations to the original ( keyframes etc) and start with a new one...to

                                continue working on more changes or mixing other stuff...cool.



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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  the oos I mentioned ( re: stupid safari VOB stuff ) wasn't muxed..


                                  Well, I am not so sure about that. By the DVD-specs., the MPEG-2 file, inside of the VOB is Multiplexed. Now, you might have ripped the Audio stream, but it started out muxed.


                                  Muxed MPEG files often have OOS issues, and can cause problems in many Adobe programs.


                                  Personally, I find that either conversion to DV-AVI Type II 2/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV, or doing a capture from a DVD player through an A-D bridge to DV-AVI Type II w/ above specs., is the best workflow, but that is just me.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    hmm, more interesting stuff to dwell on...I DID have to rip the audio but

                                    thought I was getting video too, from virtualDub, to AVI...and it was just a

                                    sound file when imported to CS3. Gspot said something about some weird

                                    "header" video frame I think...but I did get the sound out of the

                                    conversion.  I won't go through that again..too many people have given the

                                    old thumbs down to editing from DVD files...and now I believe it whole

                                    heartedly....but first I had to work on it for a few days straight, and make

                                    sounds like a dying duck, to learn that lesson.


                                    bought a pci-e x1 fw 800 and 400 ( with chip on card as suggested) card

                                    yesterday and installed. Josh coming in AM tomorrow with 2 clamshells and

                                    all tapes to plug it in and see if it works...see if I can capture

                                    tape...never did before...got the trial of scenealyzerLive and if it works

                                    will immediately buy the thing for $34...and capture ...


                                    Am thinking of going with the option of capturing individual "scenes" as

                                    separate AVI files...batch capture once I figure out how it works...instead

                                    of the real time capture of entire tape...not sure what I'll end up doing



                                    I'm not sure the card installed correctly with "seeing" the onboard chip,

                                    cause I saw a mssg during hardware recognition by XP sp3 that it was using a

                                    PCI bridge.  Thought onboard chip avoided using that...hmmm.  Emailed

                                    Startech about it, maybe they can answer that...if chip on pci card is being





                                    I'm back on the scent of the safari !