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    Best way to import layer comps as states in Catalyst?


      Is there a native way in Catalyst to break the layer comps into separate states?

      Right now it seems my only recourse is to manually export layer comps to separate images from photoshop and then arrange them as states in Catalyst. Of Course this way I lose my layers and other psd information. Having a proliferation of psds will become unwieldy very quickly.

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          tomaugerdotcom Level 1

          Any feedback on this? I was wondering the same thing. It doesn't seem like this is a very active community ATM.


          I think what's disappointing here is that we're still working with the old "hide and show" technique for controlling states. It was starting to look promising with layer comps, because you could directly alter effects and position right there, so no need for all these additional layers - additional layers means additional work getting states to match if some design element (such as size, position, shape) changes after you've split out the group into multiple groups for each state. If Catalyst could at least recognize layer effects and leave them editable / mutable for different states, we'd be on to something.


          I don't know about you guys, but for rollovers, down states, disabled states etc, it's basically all just differently tweaked f/x parameters, with sometimes the occasional job down and to the right by a few pixels. Seems this is where development needs to focus before hitting the Big Time.

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            Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

            Automatically converting Photoshop layer comps to States in Catalyst is not within the scope of version 1.0. However support for individually identifying layer comps and importing them is. In Beta 1, there's a bug that keeps this latter functionality from working correctly. So be on the lookout for a fix in the next beta build. You can spot this feature in the Advanced Photoshop import dialog (click the Adv. button at lower left of the basic Import dialog). In the Advanced settings, you'll see a drop down menu of available comps is presented. But due to the bug, Beta 1 doesn't pay attention to what you choose in this menu.


            Once we fix the above bug, for 1.0 the suggested workflow is: Import the initial application state's layer comp using the Advanced dialog; then generate a new blank state in Catalyst and import the next layer comp/appearance state there. Currently, hidden artwork is always ignored via the Advanced dialog, so you won't end up with duplicate objects after importing multiple comps.


            A couple of additions that should be helpful in future builds: a) Rather than always ignoring hidden layers in the Advanced dialog you'll be presented with a choice to either preserve or ignore them, b) when importing, we'd like to compare the artboard's dimensions to the dimensions of an incoming file and subsequently align the two if they match. This function coupled with Catalyst's pixel snapping should ensure that artwork in each layer comp is properly aligned with that which exists in another application state.




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